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The tropical rain forest teams with abundant natural resources that support its inhabitants. "Nku di na mba na-eghere ha nri" is an igbo idiom which literarily means "the fire wood in a land provides for all the cooking the inhabitants need to thrive". The plant resources abound in their season and in many cases can be harnessed at minimal cost.

The Economic, Bio medical and Pharmaceutical significance of these plants can be source on the web. For centuries these resources provided Economic, nutritional, medicinal, metaphysical and traditional ritualistic needs of the Igbo forefathers. Many plants and animals also have social and mythological significance. Cola nut, the tortoise, Lion Elephant and many more have a lot of social values. These values are often reflected in titles and nick names. Whereas extensive studies have been conducted on several of the significant species, a lot more needs to be shared and discovered about these resources.