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Igbo Language Dialectical Lexicon

Functions of Na

Preposition |  Prefix |  Conjunction |  Auxiliary Verb | 

Conjunction(Njikọ okwu)

Njikọ okwu Audio Conjunction
Ji na ede
Yam and cocoyam
Aka na ụkwụ
Arms and legs
Nne na nna
Mother and father
Nwoke na nwanyi
Male and female
Mu na gi
Me and you
Ihe mere bụ na ayị ga abịa n'ụlọ gi.
What happened is that we will come to your house.

The word na (n') is a very vital part of speech in Igbo language. There are several distinct ways it is used in formulating sentence. These include: as a prefix, as a conjunction, as a preposition and as an auxiliary verb. In literature, when used as a prefix it is followed by a hyphen and when used as a preposition the letter 'a' is replaced by an apostrophe.

Some of the uses are universal whereas others are peculiar to distinct dialects.