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Igbo Language

Tone marking

Basic Tones   Word   Composit Matrix of Sounds   "A"   "E"   "Ị"   "M"   "O"   "Ọ"   "U"  

Tonemarking (Ụda ume)

Igbo is a tonal language hence tone is an integral part of the meaning of every word and sentence even when they spell or look alike.
Generally in Igbo language, a low tonal prefix vowel, N or M in the first word of a sentence is usually indicative of a question where as a high tonal prefix vowel, N or M precedes an affirmative statement. The following examples have been given to demonstrate the tones in different applications. Basic Tones demonstrates the high and low tone; Word demonstrates tones in words and "A" "E" "Ị" "M" "O" "Ọ" "U" Demonstrate the use on tones in sentences.

Basic Tones