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Igbo Language Dialectical Lexicon

Functions of Ka

Verb |  Preposition |  Descriptive Adjective |  Comparative Adjective |  Prefix |  Surfix | 


Nga n'iru Audio Preposition
Ebee ka ọ di?
Where is it?
Ebee ka i bi?
Where do you live?
Ebee ka i na-eje?
Where are you going?
Ebee ka i si bia?
where did you come from?
Ebee ka i chọrọ ya?
Where do yo want it?
Ebee ka ọ nọ?
Where is he?

The word ka is a very vital part of speech in Igbo language. There are several distinct ways it is used in formulating sentences. These include: as a Preposition, a Comparative Adjective and as a Descriptive Adjective.

Some of the uses are universal whereas others are peculiar to distinct dialects.