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Igbo Language Dialectical Lexicon

Functions of Na

Preposition |  Prefix |  Conjunction |  Auxiliary Verb | 

Prefix(Nga n'iru)

Nga n'iru Audio Prefix
na-abia ugbua
is coming now.
na-ajụ ajụjụ.
is asking a question.
na-aga akwukwọ.
is going to school.
na-ete ọfe
is making soup.
na-agba ọsọ.
is running.
na-agụ akwụkwọ.
is reading a book.

The word na (n') is a very vital part of speech in Igbo language. There are several distinct ways it is used in formulating sentence. These include: as a prefix, as a conjunction, as a preposition and as an auxiliary verb. In literature, when used as a prefix it is followed by a hyphen and when used as a preposition the letter 'a' is replaced by an apostrophe.

Some of the uses are universal whereas others are peculiar to distinct dialects.